Fitness Curators

We believe that your physical and mental well-being is important. With so many confusing options, how do you pick the best game plan for your fitness journey?

Your time is important, so is your health and longevity. Whether you know what you want or need guidance to discover your path, we will make sure you maximize the effort you put in.

Fitness Curators is an elite fitness and wellness concierge service. We are a team of professionals with degrees in the sciences of exercise and 20 plus years of proven results. Our comprehensive personalized approach synchronizes fitness goals with your lifestyle to design an engaging, safe and effective training and nutrition program for your specific needs and body type.

We have deliver results to New York City’s top executives, busy super-moms, athletes, celebrities, and everyone who wants to be their best. Wether your goal is to shed pounds, get back into shape, restore your strength after injuries, lean out, or participate in a sporting event, we will get you there safely and timely. We conduct private and small group training in uptown and downtown boutique studios, outfitted with modern equipment and luxurious amenities.

Fitness Curators - Perfecting the art and science of sculpting fit and functional physiques.



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