Wight Martindale: I thought I had worked out with the best, but after trying Larry’s specialized training, I now know the finest fitness experience.

Lorna Kleidman: Larry is an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and thoughtful trainer whose programming is purposeful and highly effective. During the 10 years of training with him I've not only met each of my many competitive sport goals, but also learned a tremendous amount. I trust Larry implicitly.

Adam Tao: I am in the best shape that I have been in since college. As a certified personal trainer myself, it was a big deal for me to seek help with my own routine. But by pushing ego aside, and trusting in expert know-how, the results feel like they will be endless!

Patrick Lynn Richardson: Larry and the trainers at Fitness Curators are amazing! They got me back into shape after an injury (at another fitness company) in just a couple of months. They created and customized a wonderful program for me that met my needs and helped me get stronger and leaner. Amazing!

Matthew Dermer: Larry brings superior focus and attention to his clients. I particularly appreciate that he prepares thoroughly so that I just show up and work. He uses keen observation during my execution to insure proper movement for maximum impact as well as injury prevention. It is clear why he and his crew have such a loyal following.

Nick Leighton: I had trained all over the city for years, but it wasn't until Fitness Curators that I started to see real results. Their sophisticated, personalized approach puts them in a class by themselves.

Jaime Harlock: I have trained with Larry for 3 years. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his programs keep me in great shape. Thank you Larry you are the best! 

Ali Quinn,: I've trained with a lot of different trainers over the years in London and New York and can honestly say that Larry and the team of trainers at fitness curators are exceptional, inspiring and top of their game. I've committed fully to their training and nutrition program and I'm already starting to see amazing results. Amazing focused attention that homes in your your specific needs. This is fitness training from the best in the city. 

Stuart Davidoff: Larry and Fitness Curators are at the forefront of personal training. Their personalized, intense, science-based program produces real results. If you are going to train, why not train with the best.

Alfred Caiola: At Fitness Curators it's always different. Custom tailored, and always challenging, I leave their invigorated for my day. There's nothing like the attention to detail you get from Larry and the guys, and the confidence you derive from their expertise, is both motivating and inspiring.

Mark Rodriguez: At my age, the tendons and ligaments aren't as pliable, maintaining muscle isn't easy and the ability to shed those extra pounds is more difficult.  My goals are simple, lean muscle mass, weight loss and flexibility.  The Fitness Curators team tailors a workout for me that, simply put, shows results.  I started doing 500 meters on the rower in 3 minutes and within weeks was down to sub 2 minutes! The dedication of this team to custom tailor a non-cookie cutter routine for me that meets my goals and ensures that I'm developing myself in an injury free manner is what keeps me coming back.  All of this made simple with constant feedback, encouragement and support.

Zachary Gisterek: As a former full-time personal trainer, I recognize expertise in program design, and the variance in knowledge amongst trainers is vast. I started remote training with Larry about 4 months ago. After years of dealing with arthritis in my left knee, I decided to have full knee replacement in January 2016. After completing my rehab and returning to the gym I was able to get back to an active lifestyle. However, years of favoring my right leg and even after rehab, my body felt unbalanced. The movement patterns in my body seemed off. I knew Larry from a prior training job some time ago and I asked him this January to design programs to address my needs. His programs took me back to the basics focusing on each side of my body. Gradually, his programs started challenging me, taking me out of my "comfort zone.” I've made more progress on his online programs then 5 months of PT and my PT is great. I feel stronger more balanced and ready to get back into surfing this summer. 

Catherine Adler: I love working out with Larry. He doesn’t deliver cookie cutter workouts. He designs a custom (dare I say “couture”?) workouts specifically designed for each client. No more fears about injuries. His assessments never stop. He’s always watching to see changes in one’s physicality and endurance, and adapts accordingly. I have never been as happy as I am with a trainer as I am with him. I have worked out for 40 years. I know the good from the bad. He is really world class GREAT! Thank you Larry! 

Mark Ricker: Larry’s exacting approach to training is thoughtful, informed, and highly instructive.  He communicates clearly the immediate and long-range goals, providing an easy-going yet thorough workout.  His emphasis, as well as his team’s, on overall safety, proper positioning and range of motion sets the foundation for a successful training experience.  The fine-tuned results sneak up on you…

Jennifer Kinderman: Even at 40 and a momma to 3 young children, I am in the leanest, strongest shape of my life. I am skinny strong! I'm still amazed how creative and challenging the workouts are after training together for almost 10 years!! I’m still sweating!! 

Larissa DeLeon: I’ve been working with Larry and his team of fitness curators for a couple of years. It’s the whole team that have been such an invaluable part of my life these past couple of years; you, Dena, Alex, John, Peter, and Joe! My desire to work with professionals stemmed from hurting my back working out.  I thought I had great form, but the injury scared me into wanting more oversight into my workout routine.  I got more than I ever could have anticipated.  Larry and his team are mindful, push me more than I would ever push myself, help me to manage stress through physical exertion, and keep me accountable to taking care of myself.  

Unlike other fitness classes the Fitness Curators are about developing one-on-one relationships with their clients.  They care about your form and making sure you get the most out of every movement, but they also care about your overall wellness.  I get to work out with great people, who care about, and want the best for me- mind, body, and spirit.  I can’t put a price tag on that.  You are all great and the below barely scratches the surface.


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