Training Programs

We select meaningful and effective exercises and activities that support your needs while respecting your unique body type. We mold a plan that builds on your potentiality and individuality. Our goal is to engage you in a process that results in your appreciating your uniqueness—“warts and all.” By setting realistic and incremental expectations, small victories will lead to a love of the journey and generate excitement to continue on.

Rely on Fitness Curators to:

  • Select meaningful and effective exercises
  • Remove fear and embarrassment from the process
  • Eliminate scare tactics/sales pitches/competitions
  • Emphasize involvement in process leads to increased success
  • Teach you how to move better
  • Provide exciting and fun challenges
  • Offer follow-up calls and emails
  • Partner with massage therapists, dietitians and nutritionists

How We Work

We have the flexibility and versatility to create a full range of programs for:


    Once we assess your starting point, we support you in creating a program that will take you from where you are to where you want to be and beyond. Whether you need resistance and endurance training, Yoga classes and/or coordinated nutrition counseling, we help you to develop your infinite possibilities of body and mind.


    Working with a partner can be fun, motivating and effective. We create parallel programs designed for each partner’s needs as exercising together develops mutual support and encourages staying with the program.


    Whether you have your own group that wants to work together or want to join an exercise group, we can design a program for you or you can join one of our classes. We offer a variety of opportunities to build your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.


    What a wonderful way to encourage lifelong health habits as your family follows its unique program. Stop the texting and start the exercising. It really works!


    Modern technology makes it possible to train and coach you no matter where you may travel or work. Skype sessions allow for flexibility and continuity.


    Our team has experiences working in a full range of activity spaces. Call on us to help you design an effective, efficient and safe gym facility.


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